How to transform an old kitchen with new doors, worktops & appliances

Kitchen looking tired? Here’s how to improve it

Being one of the most important rooms in your house, the kitchen deserves to be well decorated and maintained. The problem is that the cupboards and cabinets tend to end up looking a bit old, or worse for wear, and you cannot go changing your kitchen often. Besides the high cost involved there is also a great deal of hassle and work, and a big mess to clean up afterwards too!

However what many people fail to notice is that in reality there is no need to replace a kitchen from scratch in order to benefit from a newer and more modern looking one. There are relatively small and affordable renovation projects you could undertake to make your kitchen look fresh and new! You can transform an old kitchen by installing new doors instead of the old ones. You could also order new worktops so as to get rid of the stained and discoloured countertop that has been annoying you. You could also invest in new and more modern appliances. By doing this you will be able to attain more than you ever hoped for and at a fraction of the cost.

A Typical Kitchen Door Factory Floor. Image credit: Crooked Oak

In many cases the kitchen carcass is still in an acceptable condition. Therefore the main problems tend to lie on the outer parts of the kitchen, that is, the doors and the countertop. If you come to think of it then, replacing these parts could do the trick.

Ordering new doors to be fitted instead of the current ones is simple as there is a kitchen company who specialise in this service. They will come to your house to measure the current doors, and offer you several options with regards to style and material, and of course the colour. The new doors will then be made to measure. In many cases new handles and knobs will be chosen so as to be fixed to the new doors and drawers, and voila, your kitchen is already looking like new once they install them for you!

The countertop is most probably suffering with stains here and there and a couple of scratches from knives and other sharp objects that you use to prepare your food. So installing a new countertop can rid you of these defects. Quartz countertop overlays are an ideal low cost option in many cases as these will be made to measure and installed right on top of the current worktop. So it is a mess free process. There are specialised companies who offer the cutting of the worktop overlays and the subsequent installation too. You can choose from different materials, but quartz is the most popular option since it is resistant to stains, very modern and sleek, and easy to clean and maintain.

Quartz Overlays Look Amazing & Cost a Fraction of a Granite Countertop. Image credit: Freeindex

Finally, ordering new appliances that will complement the new style of your renovated kitchen could further improve its fresh look! Nowadays there are countless styles and brands to choose from, so as to complement a vintage, contemporary, or modern kitchen.

You will be amazed at how affordable and hassle free these changes will be, and yet how effective in terms of the new look it will prove to be!