5 Critical Questions To Ask Your Exhibition Stand Designer

Having an exhibition stand built for your company or organisation is a big process and an incredibly important marketing device. Within this article, 5 questions will be highlighted that you should ask an exhibition stand designer before deciding on a hiring a stand builder. You will need a winning and fully functional stand that is ready to do marketing and business. Be sure to follow these questions to find the best supplier in your area.

Yes or No

Do you have recommendations or examples from other companies about your services?

This should be the very first question you ask any exhibition stand building company. Being able to see results and gain recommendations from other companies will help ensure that you are dealing with a quality company. If a business is unable to provide examples of recommendations then you can be sure you are dealing with someone who is not qualified or experienced enough to do business with. Do your research before you choose a supplier for your exhibition needs and if you need to ask questions then do it. It is better to know things ahead of time then have possible problems during the event or days leading up to it.

What is your experience with providing exhibition stands that relate to my business or industry?

Every single business and industry will bring about different challenges and unique issues for exhibition stand designers. Some builders will specialise in certain industries while others will work across a broad range of specialties and industries. You will want to ask them about the experience they have with your industry and what they can do to make your exhibition stand to gain attention and engage customers. You will want to ask them what has worked in the past for them when it comes to design and functionality of their previous exhibits. Finding a contractor can be a little stressful but be sure to find one with an elaborate portfolio so research is much easier.

Does your company build my stand or outsource all the work?

This is a very real question when it comes to hiring a designer to build an exhibition for an event. Many different companies will do everything themselves in-house with some outsourced work while other builders will completely outsource all of the components. A quality end to end exhibition service will provide in-house service with all details including design, manufacturing and installation and take-down. By choosing a fully faceted exhibition stand company you know that each stage of development will be carried out by a team of professionals with very little room for issues or errors. Being able to choose an in-house exhibition supplier can keep expenses lower and help you to stay on a budget much easier.

What do I do if I decide I would like to change my exhibition stand design?

Building an exhibition stand is a large process and there will plenty of different parts and factors that will come into play and may change certain features of your design. Certain complexities may arise such as your business objectives changing, dealing with competitors, or you may choose a design you like better than you would wish to implement in your overall design. A good supplier of exhibition stands will understand that being flexible is part of putting together the best stand. When you are working with a true end to end exhibition supplier you will have a dedicated project manager who will have the ability to alter and change the design as needed up until completion. Having a dedicated project manager is necessary and makes building and installing your stand much easier than doing it yourself.

Has your exhibition stand builder previously worked in your country?

This may seem like a strange question but it truly isn’t. There are many different details and logistics that come into play when putting together and running an exhibition stand. The technicians will need to know how to get to the site of the event. Some exhibition stand contractors will choose to outsource the details and logistics to ensure safe transport of your stand. Being sure that your exhibition stand supplier can guarantee accurate results with transportation networks and technicians are very important. Be sure to ask this question as well.

Choosing an exhibition stand supplier is an important decision and can either make or break your investment and marketing efforts at conventions and trade shows. Make sure you follow and ask these 5 questions to any company you are thinking of hiring for the best results.