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Build Your Own Timber Garden Office Yourself

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Run a Business From Your Very Own Home Office

Learning how to optimise space in your yard and building a garden office you can work from is an excellent idea that can help you to completely eliminate the rat-race of day to day working. If you are deciding on building a garden office from scratch this article will help you by showing you the essentials you will have to put into consideration before you attempt the project of building your ultimate garden office.

The very first thing you will need is solid foundations. Most people will just lay out a concrete slab as the most popular option. A new method is using plinth foundations that provide adjustable surfaces and very easy installation. Choose a foundation that uses little preparation and utilises a strong foundation for your building.

Prepare to have your lawn dug up if you want water and plumbing services in your garden office. Image credit: Garden Affairs

The next thing you will need is a professional electric system rigged up. You will need to hire an electrical contractor that has a solid reputation as you cannot do this part of the job on your own.

Garden offices are like mini living areas and with that comes the need for a good plumbing system. You can get more return on your investment by including such things as a toilet and sink. Just like the electrical aspect of your office, you will need to hire a professional plumbing contractor to set everything up correctly for you.

The interior of your garden office will be the very next task on your building agenda. You can let your creativity and imagination flow when you are choosing the layout and design. You can use low-priced MDF boards or solid wood for the interior fit out or you can always use a fully plastered design. You can really build the interior out of any material you choose. For flooring, you always have many options as well including hardwood, carpeted, vinyl, tile and other methods.

There are 6 separate phases that you will go through while you are building your garden office from scratch. We will outline the phases below that you can do on your own below.

The first phase of building your garden office is choosing the actual piece of land where you will build your office. You can dig holes in the ground as markers to put in footings for your foundation.

The next thing you can do is create the foundation and build the frame that shows the overall size of your garden office. You can lay down 4 concrete blocks that can be a support for the frame of the office. You can always add more blocks to create a stronger frame. You will want to set your building a few inches above the ground to provide air flow and you can also fill in the joists of the frame if wanted.

To build a garden office from scratch you will need to finish the foundation. All the connecting and supporting points including concrete blocks and joists of the frame are covered. You can build a central part that goes the entire length of the foundation that will allow you to hang the joists from. The central part creates strength for the base of your office and also provides good insulation.

A Solid Concrete Base is Your Best Option for Any Timber Outbuilding. Image credit: Ultimate Handyman

It is recommended that you create the walls of your office from reclaimed wood. There are plenty of choices available and softwood is typically the cheapest of options for those on a budget. You can also head to hardware stores to find out what type of wood will work for your home office. Above all else, you will want to choose a dry wood that guarantees quality insulation. You can measure the height of the office and build wooden frames for the walls. You can screw in cross beams and other pieces to create a stable and secure wall.

After you build the walls you can create the base of your office by laying down foundation then building a floor. After you have insulated your floor area you should also insulate your walls. Once you have completed this install the windows. Lastly, you will need to install the roof before you put the doors on.

The last phase of building is installing the door to your garden office. You can do it simply by building the frame of the wall to allow for you to screw the door into the frame. You can also choose other options such as a dual door that will lift into place. You then simply screw the hinges into the frame of your office. You will now have a door that will protect your office from the elements.

This concludes the possible options you have on buildingĀ garden office buildngs from scratch. There are a lot of things you can do on your own and these are the main elements. You can maximise your budget and get the most from your office with these ideas.

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