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How to find a great office cleaning business in London

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Sourcing a suitable commercial cleaning contractor in the capital

Most businesses need some form of cleaning regime, even the small sole trader one-man-band businesses. We spend a great deal of our time at work, and every business, whether your team consists of a handful of people or several dozen needs a clean environment in which to work safely – it’s no different who you are.

Dirt, dust, debris and particles build up incredibly quickly and a poor cleaning regime can affect the health, wellbeing and productivity of your team. Good quality office cleanliness is not something to be ignored and every business owner must ensure a suitable solution is put in place to take care of these needs.

If you own a business and are considering a cleaning company, you’ve no doubt reached a point where you have no idea who to choose. Finding a suitable cleaning contractor in a city like London is a massive job – there’s literally hundreds of suppliers all claiming to be the best in the business. It’s a real headache finding the right one!

Janitor at Work. Image credit: Free Images

Janitor at Work. Image credit: Free Images

So what do you do? You can read our list of points to consider below which will hopefully clear some of the fog and give you a better understanding of how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Know How

Solid, reputable cleaning businesses will have a long track record of experience and know how to call upon. The only way they’ll get this is from having been in business for many years and learned from the pitfalls of this ever-changing industry.

Office cleaning may seem like a pretty innocuous profession to be in but in fact, it is littered with government legislation that cleaning businesses adhere to. These sorts of companies have to deal with various harsh and sometimes dangerous chemicals, not to mention, put their staff is some very precarious positions – try being a window cleaner suspended several hundred meters up on a skyscraper!

Only the best companies will offer cleaning that have a fully qualified and trained team of staff and that comes only from a reputable and knowledge cleaning supplier.


There’s nothing worse than having a supplier that lets you down regularly. A cleaning business should be able to operate around your time schedules and go practically unnoticed as they go about there business.

Ideally, a good cleaning business should be able to take care of all interior cleaning and maintenance issues before trading begins for the day. That way, your team of staff have a nice and pristine office to come to work to which will only improve staff morale and productivity.

If they can’t accommodate, find an alternative supplier.


Much related to the point above, your ideal cleaning partner should show a certain level of flexibility in working to your specific needs. If they have been tasked to take care of various aspects for your office hygiene such a cleaning surfaces, vacuuming, janitorial issues, kitchen cleaning and certain maintenance responsibilities, then they need to fully understand how your business operates and at which times certain aspects of the premises will be in high or low demand.

It’s not good if the cleaners or office maintenance team get in the way. They need to be anonymous and remain that way. So if you find your supplier is trying to dictate to you as and when they will clean your office, its apparent they only care about fitting you in to suit their regime and are not considering your needs as their first priority.

If this is a situation you find yourself in, you’d be advised to look elsewhere.


Every cleaning business should pride themselves on setting only the highest of standards – nothing else will do.

Sadly however, many cleaning businesses tend to rush or cut corners and this is totally unacceptable. It happens because they believe you as the business owner are not paying attention so they can quickly skip over essential jobs or literally, do the least amount of cleaning possible and charge you for it to maximise their profits. This is unfortunately very common in the cleaning industry, so you need to ensure you keep a watchful eye on standards and ensure they are kept to. Any slippages will lead to a gradual decay of quality control and that is inevitably when the relationship starts to sour.

Female Cleaner. Image credit: Pixabay

Female Cleaner. Image credit: Pixabay


A business lives and dies by its reputation so the key to all of the above is to discover an office cleaning London contractor that has glowing references and reviews.

if you are unsure of how to find the good from the bad, speak to other business owners, friends, colleagues or client of cleaning business and see what they have to say. No doubt, it will be extremely revealing and you’ll quickly discover who you do and do not want to work with.